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Plus de 85 000 téléchargements de FactOOor.

* Installation rapide en moins d’une minute. (Disponible sous forme d’extension)
* Avec un menu spécifique dans LibreOffice/ pour encore plus de convivialité
* FactOOor est d’une utilisation intuitive. 

Les + de FactOOor : Les avantages de l’opensource et son fonctionnement sous les plate-formes : MS Windows, Linux, BSD, MAC

FactOOor, s’impose comme le logiciel de facturation opensource le plus puissant, le plus simple à installer et à utiliser

Il se sert de Calc pour l’interface de gestion, Base pour la conservation des données et les macros pour son fonctionnement.

FactOOor is based on the Calc and Base modules and runs with macros.

The Calc spreadsheet is the User Interface that operates FactOOor, either for the documents (quotations, invoices and credit notes) or for the products, customers, prices or for file management (print, save and PDF export).

Choose a customer in the table on the right.
Select the document to edit (quotation, invoice, credit note) in the drop-down list.
Select a cell in the range E25-E36, then, choose a product in the drop down list on the right. Unit price is displayed automatically.

Enter a quantity in the « Q » column.
Enter a price cut in the « Discount » column if needed.
VAT calculation is done in line 41.

You can add a delivery mode in the cell E46 (drop-down list).
Payment mode can also me selected in the E49 cell. Default setting is check.
Date of the document is update with current day.

Use the Reset button to clear the base (beware, all your products, customers, … will be deleted ! Do it just once to delete the example).
When you submit an invoice, you can no longer modify it afterwards. Then, it is transfered to the base and is displayed in the Statistics sheet. You will be able to confirm the payment in this later sheet.

Statistics sheet
The table in the lower area shows:
-> The sales for each
– Year.
– Quarter.
– Month.

-> VAT detail:
– 19.6 %
– 5.5 %

The main table shows the pending invoices. Total amount is located in cell D21.

Back on the Invoice sheet, the Open Base button can be used to :
– register and modify new products and new customers,
– show the details of any document

You can also generate reports through the OOo tool.

Please note:
A professional version of FactOOor is also available with support and advanced features.

For any information, feel free to contact me by PM on the French Forum

The Development team wishes you nice invoices !